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Hufcor, Inc., the world's most used brand of operable partition systems, introduces FlexTact™ tactical training systems.  FlexTact is an innovative and affordable moveable panel and track system designed for use in public safety training centers.  The system can be installed in new or existing buildings to create multi-purpose situational training for peace officer, fire and rescue, police SWAT teams, homeland security, and military police training, etc.

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The safety and success of your force depends on preparation and training prior to encountering unsuspected, dangerous field situations.  The more experiences you can duplicate during training sessions, the better prepared you will be when faced with new threats.

Situation training can be expensive, especially when the peace officer or firefighter staff must travel to off-site facilities to ensure they receive different training scenarios.  Law enforcement training facilities are found throughout North America.  Many offer separate buildings or a permanent concrete maze to provide simulation training scenarios.  Some systems use demountable wall panels to change room layouts.  Demountable wall panels require extra staff to rearrange the panels, which can often take 4-8 hours to reconfigure a single room.  And, they don't provide the flexibility to change scenarios.


Hufcor's FlexTact design optimizes the flexibility of the training center.   The rugged track and trolley system enables the panels to be moved into place quickly and easily.  The system allows room changes to be completed in minutes.  Unlike fixed wall training centers, Hufcor moveable wall centers provide unlimited floor to ceiling room configurations, which can increase the trainers' effectiveness.


Optional catwalks and video monitoring systems provide unmatched overhead observation allowing trainers to supervise without being among the trainees.  Trainers have raved about how beneficial these catwalks are in allowing them to bark instructions and to immediately review mistakes trainees make during training sessions.  Moreover, the catwalks allow trainees to observe their peers' sessions and learn from these experiences, so trainees have no downtime. 


Designing from scratch can be expensive, but the FlexTact system has been pre-engineered and may be conveniently purchased two ways:

Direct from Hufcor – Hufcor will custom design a system for your specific space and training requirements. Our design staff will provide expert needs analysis and work with your architect or builder to install in your new or existing facility.

From Morton Buildings (a leading manufacturer in pre-engineered timber-framed buildings):  Select a pre-engineered, stand alone facility from Morton Buildings that includes a FlexTact system. Designed with input from safety officers and tactical trainers, Morton Buildings are engineered to meet the structural loads needed to support the partition systems and are designed for efficient, cost-saving construction.  Various pre-designed buildings offer many options including classrooms, audio-visual and locker/training spaces. Morton Buildings offers municipal leaseback programs that can reduce your startup capital requirements.  www.Morton-Hufcor-Tactical.com.
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“I have been able to set up as many as four different training scenarios in a day. The FlexTact system far exceeded our expectations.”

– Lieutenant Matthew Enyeart, Regional Training Academy of Northwest Indiana

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